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  • Academic Excellence

    Jamie Stevens | Inspired to Dream Bigger

    Jamie Stevens, master's student in Human Development Counseling, wants to counsel clients with developmental disabilities, a woefully underserved population. She has a special interest in autism. During her first semester at UIS, Jamie shared with her professor, Dr. Leigh Steiner, how little research had been done on counseling clients with autism. Dr. Steiner agreed and then said something that Jamie will never forget—that Jamie herself might be the person to pursue that research. "I had never thought of myself as someone who could do something of such importance," Jamie says. "Her confidence in me inspired me to believe in myself and dream even bigger." Dr. Steiner continues to inspire and guide Jamie on her academic and professional journey.

    Your gifts contribute to the academic excellence that professors like Dr. Leigh Steiner bring to UIS, of great importance...

    Because excellent learning empowers the future.

  • The Public Good

    Alexus Venegas-Rodriguez | Habitat for Humanity
    Guest Post

    "Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity is one of the most memorable experiences I have had at UIS. Five of us signed up together. When we entered the van, we barely knew each other. That was not the case at the end of the day. We had the job of organizing newly donated furniture and supplies. The five of us worked together and learned how to efficiently comply with the needs of the organization and this community. We were not just organizing furniture. We were helping the other workers who spend every day helping people in need. It was a great opportunity to meet fantastic people from widely different backgrounds. Without volunteers, this wonderful organization would not have expanded to its current size. I gained some great friends through this experience while helping my community become its best."

    Each year, UIS students contribute thousands of hours of volunteer service to Springfield and the surrounding communities.

    Because we are all on this journey together.

  • Scholarships

    Hailey Hollinshead | All In for Science

    Hailey Hollinshead’s passion for science and medical research has grown at the University of Illinois Springfield. She happily admits to being one of those rare people who love chemistry.

    She says: "Women becoming a larger part of the scientific profession? Count me in. Becoming part of academic conversations where discoveries change the world overnight? That sounds exhilarating. Making a difference while immersing myself in work that I love? I'm all in."

    She plans to attend medical school following graduation and become a dermatologist.

    This past year, Hailey was the recipient of the William and Mary Schnirring Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship and was honored with the Student Laureate Award from the Lincoln Academy of Illinois.

    Scholarships are a Reaching Stellar priority…

    Because scholarships affirm the aspirations, energy and diversity of our student body.

  • UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    2018 Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series

    The 2018 Lincoln Legacy Lecture, sponsored by the UIS Center for Lincoln Studies, will take place on Thursday October 18, 7:00 pm in the Student Union Ballroom.  The event is free and open to the public. 

    This year’s topic is Lincoln vs. Douglas: Slavery and Race in Illinois History

    Please join our moderator, Dr. Michael Burlingame, Chancellor Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies and our speakers, Dr. Graham Peck, Professor of History, St. Xavier University and Rodger Bridges, Former head of the Lincoln Legal Papers. 

    Because Lincoln still instructs, inspires and elevates all of us.


  • Center for Lincoln Studies

    Meeting with Local Lincoln Leaders

    One of the goals of the Center for Lincoln Studies at UIS is to enhance public education about Lincoln’s life and legacy. With that in mind, during this early phase for the Center, UIS academic and administrative leaders have been meeting with representatives from local organizations with a Lincoln interest to share plans, discuss ideas with local Lincoln leaders and lay the groundwork for future collaboration. The Center is sure to benefit from the interest and involvement of these renowned Lincoln leaders in Springfield.

    Because Lincoln still instructs, inspires and elevates all of us

  • UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    Lincoln Legacy Lecture | Save the Date

    Each year, Dr. Michael Burlingame, the Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Chair of Lincoln Studies, invites nationally renowned Lincoln scholars to join him in presenting original lectures on a contemporary issue from the perspective of Abraham Lincoln and his era. These very popular Lincoln Legacy Lectures link us to a time when many of the biggest issues of democracy came to a head, issues that are still pertinent today. 

    We encourage you to Save the Date for the 2019 Lincoln Legacy Lecture with the topic of Lincoln, Immigration, & Citizenship. The event will be held at 7:00 p.m., on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, in the UIS Student Union.

    The UIS Center for Lincoln Studies is a Reaching Stellar priority because…

    Lincoln still has the power to instruct, inspire and elevate all of us.


  • UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    The UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    The UIS Center for Lincoln Studies will be announced during the next academic year, but plans are progressing nicely. In April, at the annual Celebration of Philanthropy on April 17, 2019, Chancellor Susan J. Koch made this announcement:

    "Just this past week, thanks in part to UI System President Tim Killeen’s Distinguished Faculty Hiring initiative, we sealed the deal to hire our second renowned Lincoln Scholar.  He will join Dr. Michael Burlingame in the Department of History this Fall as we move toward the formal announcement of the new UIS Center for Lincoln Studies."

    Stay tuned for further updates about this important addition to the Center!

    The UIS Center for Lincoln Studies is a Reaching Stellar Campaign priority…

    Because Lincoln still instructs, inspires and elevates all of us.

  • UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    Richard Raymond | First Scholarship for UIS Center

    Richard Raymond, UIS alum, began his National Park Service career as a curator during the restoration of the Lincoln Home the late 1970s. Now he has created the first scholarship for the new UIS Center for Lincoln Studies.

    “Abraham Lincoln’s is a great American tale,” Richard says. “He rose from a log cabin to a pleasant home in Springfield on a street of doctors and lawyers. As President, overnight he had to deal with the issue of slavery, and after the war, instead of subduing the conquered, he planned for reconstruction as only a statesman would. Lincoln is certainly worthy of study and emulation.”

    Pictured at right: Dr. Devin Hunter—UIS History Professor, Michelle Levine—UIS student and Park Service intern, Richard Raymond—National Park Service RET, Chuck Schrage--UIS Alumni Relations at the Lincoln Home in Springfield. More about Richard.

    The UIS Center for Lincoln Studies—because Lincoln still instructs, inspires and elevates all of us

  • Center for Lincoln Studies

    Approvals for the Center Secured

    In January 2018, the UIS Campus Senate approved the new Center for Lincoln Studies at UIS, and in March 2018, The Illinois Board of Higher Education added its approval. Special thanks to James Ermatinger, Dean of the UIS College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, for everything he did to negotiate this process.

    The Center for Lincoln Studies at UIS is expected to be a national base for scholarship, teaching and public history about Lincoln’s life, leadership and legacy, and give students an opportunity to collaborate with Lincoln scholars on research, history and public policy projects. Because it will engage broad campus and community audiences, the Center will add to the wealth of all things Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois.

    Stellar – Because a Center for Lincoln Studies at UIS instructs, inspires and elevates all of us.

  • Scholarships

    The Bill and Frances Cosgrove Water Resource Management Scholarship Fund

    William ‘Bill’ Cosgrove, with Frances Cosgrove’s support, spent his career years working on various aspects of water management. The UIS Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon provides a site where many disciplines could contribute to the research of the role of wetlands in water resource management. Bill and Frances hope this scholarship will help make use of the Station.

    Scholarships: Because they affirm the aspirations, energy and diversity of our students

  • Scholarships

    "Something I Will Use Every Day"

    Tyshianna Bankhead majors in Sociology Anthropology at UIS because she wants to stand up  against injustice. In the summer of 2017, with the help of the James L. Lundquist Scholarship, she went to The Gambia to work with a local organization seeking to curb traditional practices that harm women. “I get fired up about it because this issue involves the lives of others, and I know we are all part of this life journey together.”

    Tyshianna plans to work for the police department in the Quad Cities area on issues of diversity and ethnic training. “The study abroad gave me new insight about others who live in another community, within another culture, another world—something I will use every day in my career.”

  • UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    Chancellor Koch Narrates Copland's "Lincoln Symphony"

    On October 18, 2018, UIS Chancellor Susan Koch provided narration for the Illinois Symphony Orchestra performance of Aaron Copland's "Lincoln Portrait," reading texts from Lincoln's State of the Union address, the Gettysburg Address, and selections from a Lincoln-Douglas debate. The concert opened the Symphony's season. The "Lincoln Portrait" was chosen to celebrate both Lincoln and Illinois.

    During this brief video from the Illinois Symphony's "Lincoln Portrait," Chancellor Koch says, "Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States, is everlasting in the memory of his countrymen." The UIS Center for Lincoln Studies will celebrate the wisdom and legacy of this great Illinois statesman. Learn more about the Center here, and please consider adding your support to this great scholarly endeavor.

    ...because Lincoln still instructs, inspires and elevates us

  • Facilities & Technology

    Michelle Ver Hagen | On Campus Remotely

    When Michelle Ver Hagen presented her research at the UIS Student Technology, Arts & Research Symposium, technology carried her words more than 1,500 miles from her desk in Phoenix, Arizona, to the Public Affairs Center at UIS. Michelle is an online student, and thanks to UIS’ asynchronous streaming technology, listeners were able to her speak about “Diversity, Humor and Educating the Masses with Gene Luen Yang’s The Shadow Hero.” She plans a career in Academic Librarianship and hopes to increase minority representation and visibility in libraries. (Based on a story by Malavika Mujumdar and Amanda Dinardo, used with permission.)

    Facilities & Technology...Tomorrow's University Today.

  • Center For Lincoln Studies

    Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series

    On November 19, 2002, the Inaugural Lincoln Legacy Lecture took place at UIS. The series has been held every year. More than 5,000 students and community members have attended the lectures over the years, including 600 who attended a special symposium in April 2015 before a re-enactment of Lincoln’s Funeral. Unique to the lecture series is a dual focus on issues important to Lincoln and still important to us today. The 2017 lecture, held on Thursday, October 12, was on the topic of Lincoln and Education.  

    The Lincoln Legacy Lecture series is sponsored by the Center for State Policy and Leadership, in cooperation with the Chancellor Naomi Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies (with many additional co-sponsors and support from alumni and friends).

    Learn more about the Lincoln Legacy Lecture series.


  • Scholarships

    Malavika Mujumdar | A Literary Activist

    Malavika Mujumdar is an English and history major at UIS and plans to go to graduate school, either to pursue an MFA in creative writing or a master's degree in English literature. "Social change has always been a goal of literature," she says. "As a writer I hope to be an agent of that change."

    This year Malavika received the Rosie Richmond Scholarship, named in memory of an accomplished UIS grad, author and business woman. Rosie taught creative writing at UIS (then SSU) and co-founded a local women's writing group. Before her death from cancer in 1994, she asked that a scholarship be awarded annually to a female undergraduate student aspiring to be a writer.

    "I was happy and appreciative to be selected as the Rosie Richmond Scholarship," says Malavika. "It has lightened my financial burden so that I can focus more on learning."

    Scholarships are a Reaching Stellar priority…

    Because scholarships affirm the aspirations of UIS students.

  • Facilities and Technology

    Another Stellar Year for Baseball

    The UIS Prairie Stars athletes are having another amazing season in baseball. The men's overall record is 33-11-1, and as of April 30, 2019, they have a 13-game winning streak.

    Thanks to generous donors, the UIS Baseball Field also looks good. The field has undergone extreme renovations over the past years to become what it is today. Most recently, the field turf was installed, giving UIS one of the premier playing surfaces in the Great Lakes Valley Conference. The scoreboard was sponsored by the Bank of Springfield.

    The future for the field is even brighter, with more enhancements coming, such as power, a press box, restrooms, concessions, locker rooms and coaches' offices. For information on how you can support these enhancements, please contact Roy Brown, Deputy Athletics Director.

    Go Prairie Stars!

    Facilities & Technology are a Reaching Stellar Campaign priority…

    Because we are building tomorrow's University today.



  • Scholarships

    Scholarships | Jenetta Thomas

    Already a nurse, online student Jenetta Thomas enrolled in the UIS Master's of Public Health program in 2014 to become a public health educator in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. In Spring 2018, Jenetta spent two months in the Intensive Care Unit with her gravely ill daughter. “I actually submitted paperwork with my advisor to put my degree on hold because of the stress and not knowing if I could afford it.” Jenetta says, “One week later, I learned I had received the Evelyn Zimmerman Scholarship in Public Health. I can honestly say I would not have been able to continue without it.”

    Jenetta will graduate in December 2019 after finishing her Public Health Internship. She now works as Nurse Coordinator for children with special needs and medical handicaps and also teaches classes through the Hamilton County (Ohio) Department of Public Health focusing on safe sleep and reproductive life planning.

    Scholarships…Because they affirm the aspirations, energy and diversity of our students

  • Academic Excellence

    UIS Students and Faculty Research in Ghana

    Three faculty and seven students have traveled to Ghana, West Africa, this summer to do research in the prevalence and risk factors for diabetes, hypertension and hepatitis C co-infection with HIV among Ghana’s people. The group is also assessing water quality by collecting samples from local sources and testing for coliform, E. coli and other harmful substances. Take a look at Alexandra Madden’s UIS Snapchat Takeover from Ghana. UIS is proud to offer a program in a country outside of students’ comfort zone, with dramatic cultural differences. (That’s on top of the research experience!) Professors on the trip include Dr. Josiah Alamu, Public Health; Dr. Dennis Ruez, Environmental Studies; and Dr. Kamau Kemayo, African-American Studies.

    Academic Excellence that Empowers the Future – for all of us.

  • Scholarships

    Katelyn Garner | Reaching the Goal

    Computer science major Katelyn Garner lives in Taylorville, where she's raising her "amazing" 10-year-old son on her own while working in a pharmacy. Fortunately her major is available online so she can fit classes around her busy schedule. She chose computer science because she thinks technology, in combination with medicine, agriculture and the food industry, can address the root problems that affect the world's health. Raising a son on her own can be challenging financially, so she was thrilled—and relieved—to learn that she had received the Grace Brorström Oakley Scholarship for online students. More about Grace Brorström Oakley here.

    "I want to show my son that if we set a goal we do not stop until we reach that goal, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to take classes this fall," she said. "Receiving this scholarship lifted a major weight off my shoulders. 'Thank you' does not seem like enough!"

    Scholarships: Because they affirm the aspirations, energy and diversity of UIS students

  • Academic Excellence

    Memorial Medical Center Foundation | Anatomical Models

    The Memorial Medical Center Foundation continues to support academic excellence at UIS. This fall the Foundation followed up an earlier grant to the Biology Department for anatomical models with a second grant. Students in anatomy and physiology labs are using the additional torsos, legs, arms and other 3-D models both for learning and testing. "The additional models are especially helpful because we have added so many exercise science students to the A & P classes," said UIS Biology Instructor David Holland, who co-wrote the grant proposal with Dr. Tracy Schatteman. The models will also be used in Dr. Schatteman's upper-level A & P course for pre-med students.

    At right: UIS student Janelly Mendia analyzes leg muscles.

    Academic Excellence: Because learning empowers the future.


  • Scholarships

    Bekha Scott | Driven to Serve

    At age 13, UIS alum Bekha Scott was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF2) which caused tumors to grow on her nerves. Despite physical problems, Bekha always contended that she was not disabled. “I just have a body that doesn’t work,” she said.

    According to her mother, Jennifer Williams, Bekha’s time at UIS “was an amazing experience for her.” Because of her strong commitment to helping others, Bekha served as president of the UIS Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity at UIS, and in 2013 received the Distinguished Service Key. She graduated with BS in social work in 2014.

    In 2016, when she was 25, Bekha passed away. In honor of Bekha’s indomitable spirit, her family established the Rebekha Scott Servant Leaders Scholarship at UIS in 2018. “Honestly,” her mother says, “it’s just something Bekha would do. That’s why we did it.”

    Learn how you can create a scholarship

  • Facilities & Technology

    Facilities & Technology | New Field Station at UIS

    “There’s a new addition to our campus that lets us say for the first time: ‘UIS is on the lake!’” Chancellor Koch recently said about the new UIS Field Station at Lake Springfield. This new resource includes a 3,000-square-foot building, more than 400 feet of lakeshore and a dock system – all just a few minutes from campus. Under the leadership of Dr. Tom Rothfus, Director of Emiquon (pictured at right), the Field Station will serve as a multipurpose educational, research and recreational facility. Plans for facility improvements are now underway, but faculty in Environmental Science and Biology are already using the Field Station, and several classes are scheduled there for Fall, 2018. The Chancellor added, “I’ve even heard there may be a collegiate bass fishing team in our future.”

    Facilities & Technology at UIS…Building tomorrow’s University today.

  • The Public Good

    Ben Paoletti | Leadership for Life Service Program

    At UIS, new students can choose to live on the Leadership for Life Service Wing, or L4L. As part of this service and leadership community, students take a class together and commit to 40 hours of service each semester.

    Ben Paoletti is one such student. A sophomore political science and philosophy major, Ben says, “My experience at UIS has really sparked my passion for volunteerism and civic engagement." This year Ben is a resident assistant on the Leadership for Life Service Wing. He's looking  forward to helping students get involved on campus, with community events, as well promote school spirit and civic engagement.

    Read more about Ben Paoletti and about funds that support the UIS Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center.

    The Public Good: Because we are all on this journey together.

  • Academic Excellence

    Sarah Lindholm, Outstanding Thesis Award

    On Thursday, February 7, Sarah Lindholm accepted the Outstanding Master's Thesis Project Award for her thesis entitled A Longitudinal Study on the Floristic Quality of the Emiquon Preserve's Tallgrass Prairie Reconstruction in Illinois. Sarah earned her BS and MA in Biology at UIS. Dr. Amy McEuen as her master's thesis chair.

    Sarah collected plant species data from the five management sites of restored native prairie at Emiquon Preserve in the summer of 2016. The preserve is owned by the Nature Conservancy and features a restored functional wetland complex and 148 ha of mesic tallgrass prairie restoration. After adding her work to previous data collected in 2008 and 2012, she applied standard quality metrics to judge the restoration through time and compare sites. Two showed positive progress over the nine-year period, while the other three, likely due to heavy flooding, did not fare as well and even decreased in quality. Her research will help the Nature Conservancy decide the next best steps for management and provide UIS with the data needed to continue a variety of long-term research on the tallgrass prairie.

    Sarah now works as an environmental scientist and geographical information systems analyst at Northwater Consulting in Springfield. She is interested in pursuing a PhD in ecology. Great work, Sarah, and wonderful proof of the learning at UIS that empowers students' futures!


  • The Public Good

    Elise Simmons | Meeting A Need for Illinois

    Providing teachers for Illinois has suddenly become a lot more important. According to a report released by the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools,* 85% of Illinois districts report some level of teacher shortage and 19% said they have had to cut programs or classes because of the shortage.

    Elise Simmons, who is majoring in elementary education, will help to meet this need. In addition to her time with excellent UIS professors, Elise also furthers her preparation for teaching by working as an AVID tutor in a local middle school (AVID prepares students for college) and as a 5th-grade teacher's assistant at Butler Elementary School. She also volunteers with Generation Healthy Kids, a program that teaches kids about healthy cooking and the importance of physical activity. So she is contributing to the Public Good now and will in the future as well. Read her story here.

    The Public Good is a Reaching Stellar priority….

    Because we are all on this journey together.

    *Illinois Educator Teacher Shortage Crisis 2018 (Version 2019.2),

  • The Public Good

    Meet Hannah Warden

    Meet Hannah Warden, Business Administration major. She is the force behind the 2018 UIS Dance Marathon that raised more than $10,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network. Hannah and her team of volunteers spent the year raising awareness and funds for the HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital, culminating in the Marathon where students got a chance to meet some of the patients treated at St. John’s and their families. She volunteers at the hospital most weeks. “There are some of the kids who have spent days, weeks and years in the hospital,” Hannah said, “so anything I can do to give back to them is amazing and it brings me a lot of joy.” Hannah was honored with the UIS Star Student Award at the Springfield’s 2018 Good as Gold Ceremony.

    The Public Good…because we are all part of this journey together.

  • UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    Agnes M. Dzombak | Books about Lincoln

    UIS is pleased to accept a special collection of books from the estate of Agnes M. Dzombak, a longtime Lincoln enthusiast. She collected the books during her lifetime, including eight books by Dr. Michael Burlingame, who holds the Chancellor Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies at UIS. Agnes Dzombak’s son, David Dzombak, Professor and Head of the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, arranged the gift. He said, “Michael Burlingame’s affiliation with UIS provides further confirmation that UIS will be a good home for the collection. Perhaps my mother had the opportunity to meet Dr. Burlingame sometime at the annual Lincoln Forum in Gettysburg, which she attended every year since its founding in 1995.”

    The Agnes M. Dzombak collection is an outstanding contribution in support of the new UIS Center for Lincoln Studies. It will be housed in Brookens Library.

    Because Abraham Lincoln still instructs, inspires and elevates all of us

  • Scholarships

    2018 Scholarship Luncheon

    On Wednesday, November 7, UIS hosted its 22nd Annual Scholarship Luncheon for more than 270 scholarship donors, recipients and special guests. Thomas Rivera, a computer science major who received the Ted Mims Scholarship, was able to meet donor Bill Hoffman at the luncheon. Bill Hoffman (at left in the picture) funded the scholarship named in honor of Dr. Ted Mims (far right). According to Bill, when he was in danger of abandoning his own degree program in computer science, Ted Mims said, "Look, you're so close to finishing. Knuckle down and get it done!" With his master's degree, Bill enjoyed a very successful career with Microsoft. He recently retired, but his gratitude to Ted has never gone away. Thank you, Bill, for the scholarship support you are providing to qualified UIS students.

    Because scholarships affirm the aspirations, energy and diversity of UIS students.

  • Center for Lincoln Studies

    Dr. Michael Burlingame | World-Renowned Lincoln Scholar

    Dr. Michael Burlingame will be a important asset to the new UIS Center for Lincoln Studies. He is the Chancellor Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies and an internationally renowned scholar who has published twelve books on the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. His work “Abraham Lincoln: A Life,” a two-volume biography, was honored with Gettysburg College’s 2010 Lincoln Prize, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and the 2009 Russell P. Strange book award from the Illinois State Historical Society for the best book on Illinois history. It was also listed as one of the five best books of the year 2009 by The Atlantic Monthly.

    Read more about Dr. Michael Burlingame.

  • Public Good

    SSU Grad Still Serving the Public Good at 80

    Betty Kehl Richardson graduated in the first class of bachelor's degree nurses at Sangamon State (now UIS). She earned many graduate degrees, including a Ph.D. in psychology and mental health. She has demonstrated an amazing heart for service in her life, and at 80, she's still going strong.

    A Red Cross volunteer, Betty was recently deployed to Chico, California, to work with the Paradise fire survivors. She's also a docent at her state history museum (Texas) and a Rotarian. When her son Mark died on 2017, she set up a memorial fund in his name which she uses to supply books, bookshelves and computers for a grade school in Reynosa, Mexico. In the picture, she is delivering pen pal letters from the Reynosa school to a school in Austin, her home. They will write letters in return.

    "There are so many things to do to be of service to others," she says. Looking at what Betty has accomplished for the Public Good in her life, no wonder UIS is still committed to developing a heart for the public good in students.

    The Public Good…because we are all on this journey together.

  • Academic Excellence

    New Public Policy Major at UIS

    A strong commitment to preparing professionals for public service has identified UIS from its earliest days, and excellent academic programs strengthen that commitment. Public Policy, one such program, explores the full policy-making process. This includes applying and evaluating policies—especially important here in the state capital of Illinois. Public Policy is part of the UIS Political Science Department.

    Students complete internships in many settings, including the American Red Cross, Illinois Innocence Project, Cook-Witter, Inc., Senator Durbin's Springfield Office and more. Three award-winning student organizations enhance students' experience: Model United Nations, Model Illinois Government, and the Illinois Moot Court/Mock Trial Club.

    This year, the first four graduates in the Bachelors of Public Policy will complete their programs. Pictured from left: Tristan Akers, James Wheeler, Andrew Jarmer, and Jason Edwards. Congratulations!

    Academic Excellence is a Reaching Stellar Campaign priority…

    Because learning empowers the future (for all of us).


  • Academic Excellence

    Dr. Holly Kent | Excellence in Teaching

    In May 2018, Dr. Holly Kent, associate professor history at UIS, received the Pearson Faculty Award given for excellence in teaching. She specializes in fashion history. “Dr. Kent serves as a generous mentor to both colleagues and students,” said members of the faculty review committee. “Dr. Kent’s courses are rigorous and engaging, a result of her innovative pedagogical strategies.” In recognition of her unique scholarship and teaching excellence, Dr. Kent was chosen as a representative to the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) to collaborate and develop a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary course entitled “Fashion as an Agent of Social Change Since 1900.” Read more about Dr. Holly Kent and about faculty award recipients.

    Stellar – Academic Excellence that Empowers the Future

  • Academic Excellence

    Payton Raso and the "Jailhouse Snitch Bill"

    Payton Raso majored in Political Science and History at UIS. During his time working with the Illinois Innocence Project, Payton played an active role in the passage of Senate Bill 1830 regarding the testimony of jailhouse informants. It is considered the strongest bills of its kind in the United States.

    Payton graduated from UIS magna cum laude in May 2019. He will be attending the University of Iowa Law School in the fall. For now, he's keeping his future options open but whatever he does in his career, his education was immeasurably enhanced by his experience with the Illinois Innocence Project and his perspective on the criminal justice has been forever changed. Read his story here.

    Academic Excellence is a Reaching Stellar priority…

    Because learning empowers the future.

  • Academic Excellence

    The Investiture of Dr. Leo Bin | You are invited!

    On Wednesday, September 5, at 3:30 p.m., UIS will be hosting a very special event – the investiture of Dr. Leo Bin as the PNC Distinguished Professor in Banking and Finance. The named professorship honors Dr. Bin’s extraordinary teaching skills and provides financial resources for his research on financial analysis and international investment. Named professorships are crucial because they help to attract and retain excellent faculty, and as you know we pride ourselves on the influence our UIS professors have in students’ lives, learning and leadership.

    Special thanks to PNC Bank and the PNC Foundation: They have a long history of strengthening and enriching the lives of communities in which they live and work. We are both proud and grateful to have a professorship that bears their name.

    You are cordially invited to the investiture. Details and RSVP instructions here.

    Academic Excellence: Learning that empowers the future

  • Facilities and Technology

    Brookens Library Renovation

    A major renovation project in Brookens Library will conclude in October. In her August column in the Springfield Journal-Register, Chancellor Koch wrote about the renovation:

    "University libraries are no longer the quiet repositories of books they were when Brookens opened its doors about 40 years ago. Library Dean Pattie Piotrowski and her team have worked closely with Facilities and Services to design a contemporary space that provides a more active 'learning commons' and that fosters collaboration using both physical and digital materials.

    "The renovation includes a more open layout, state-of-the-art LED lighting, modern and durable flooring, mobile furniture, and collaborative spaces that encourage group interaction and active learning. The project also adds a high-tech classroom for library instruction and workshops."

    If you love libraries and value UIS, please consider joining the Friends of the Library. They're a wonderful group of people.

    Facilities and Technology: Building tomorrow's University today


  • Facilities and Technology

    New Lobby for the UIS Performing Arts Center

    The new University of Illinois Springfield Performing Arts Center is bringing more than just a new name to UIS. A major facelift of the lobby area is also planned. According to Bryan Rives, new director of the UIS Performing Arts Services, the space will have "amenities patrons expect of a world-class performance facility." This includes a new grand staircase to the third-floor landing and a new ticket office.

    Over the years, 72,000 visitors have come to the performance venues now encompassed in the UIS Performing Arts Center, adding to the performing arts available in Central Illinois. “It was time for a refresh and to celebrate all of the accomplishments our organization has had over the years," said Rives.

    The Public Good: Because we are all on this journey together.

  • Facilities & Technology

    Ann Comerford | The Student Union

    Join Chancellor Susan J. Koch & The University of Illinois Springfield community for the Student Union ribbon cutting on Sunday, January 14, 2018. Ceremony at 2:00 p.m. Open house following until 4:00 p.m. “It’ll truly be a community hub for the campus,” said Ann Comerford, Executive Director of the UIS Student Union. “Students will study here, they’ll eat here, and there will also be a lot of programs and events. We hope this will be a place where people get to know the campus community. It will be great for UIS and also for Springfield.” 


  • Facilities and Technology

    UIS Online | 33rd best in country

    US News & World Report has ranked UIS' online bachelor's degree programs as 33rd best in the country out of more than 348 institutions. The master's in Management Information Systems was ranked 33 out of 150, and the online master's degree in education ranked 77 out of 299 degrees. US News & World Report assessed schools in four categories: engagement of students with each other and with instructors, service and technologies that allow students flexibility, faculty credentials and training, and expert opinion from high-ranking academic officials. More on the rankings here.

    UIS is known for creating a path for all learners regardless of location, experience, age, responsibilities, or goals. Online education has an important role in making the potential possible for our students.

    Facilities & Technology…because we are building tomorrow's University today.

  • The Public Good

    A Stellar Professor and Passionate Advocate

    The University of Illinois Foundation's William E. Winter Award for Outstanding Advocate Leadership recognizes individuals outside of the University structure who play active roles in securing private support for the University of Illinois.

    On April 17, 2019, Dr. Larry Shiner received the Winter award in recognition of his passionate advocacy of UIS. He has a special interest in the art, music and theater programs at UIS, all of which contribute to the Public Good in Central Illinois and beyond. He and his wife, Catherine Walters, generously support UIS financially, including the Suzanna Kay Shiner Scholarship Endowment Fund, created by Larry and Catherine in 2002 in memory of their daughter.

    You can learn more about Larry's advocacy in this video, shown during the award ceremony.

    The Public Good is a Reaching Stellar campaign priority because…

    We are all part of this journey together.

  • Facilities & Technology

    Bank of Springfield Scoreboard | The Difference a Gift Makes

    When Chris Ramirez, coach of the nationally ranked UIS baseball team, came to UIS in 2013, the team had no place to play at UIS and instead played games at parks throughout Springfield. Today, the team has its own home field with a new synthetic turf and big plans to develop a premier baseball stadium with covered hitting and training facility, locker rooms and a clubhouse, restrooms and a concession area. According to Coach Ramirez, it all started with a gift from the Bank of Springfield for a scoreboard. A little support from a major booster, Ramirez said in an SJR article, and within a year the team had a home field.

    That’s the difference a gift can make.

    More information on plans for the UIS Baseball Stadium.

  • The Public Good

    The Public Good | Illinois Issues Forum

    NPR Illinois serves the Public Good throughout Illinois. Last year, NPR Illinois toured the state to hear how the two-year state budget impasse affected communities in Illinois. This year, they continue to travel throughout Illinois, featuring an expert panel and seeking solutions to the continuing fiscal problems in Illinois and discussing prominent issues 2018 election. A recent forum, moderated by Sean Crawford, took place in Naperville, Illinois. Experts Judith Brodhead, Dr. Stephen Maynard Caliendo and Colin Dalough discussed how economic success and state policy are affecting the development of collar counties. Learn more about the experts and watch the Naperville forum, and stay tuned to learn about the next Illinois Issues Forum. The Illinois Issues Forum is produced and hosted by NPR Illinois with support provided by AARP Illinois.

    UIS serves the Public Good…because we are all part of this journey together.

  • UIS Center for Lincoln Studies

    Why have a UIS Center for Lincoln Studies?

    Springfield is the right place to establish a national center for the study of Abraham Lincoln’s life, his era, his leadership, and his legacy, and UIS is the perfect place for this ambitious endeavor. In Springfield, Lincoln lived and raised a family, practiced law and politics, and prepared for the presidency. Today, Mr. Lincoln’s hometown is a hub for Lincoln research and tourism, attracting thousands of visitors each year from around the globe. But while Lincoln was a citizen of Illinois from 1830-1861, he ultimately became a citizen of the world, so connecting Lincoln to a national and international context will be a mission of the Center, as well.

    Stellar – Because a UIS Center for Lincoln Studies instructs, inspires and elevates all of us.

  • Scholarships


    Ahja Howard | Scholarship Recipient, Campus Leaders

    Donors, your scholarships often help to create campus leaders like Ahja Howard. The recipient of the Sikich LLP Accountancy Scholarship, Ahja is majoring in Accountancy and Business Administration and plans to work for an accounting or business firm. Last year, she was president of the Student Activities Committee, responsible for planning UIS Homecoming and Springfest, a week-long event where student teams compete against each other. She is also a member of the Necessary Steps program, volunteered for a 4-H Mentoring Program and was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. She says, “UIS taught me to put myself out there and challenge myself. I love UIS.”

    Could Ahja have achieved so much without scholarship support? Possibly—she’s an amazing young woman. But the scholarships definitely helped. Thank you, Sikich LLP, for the difference your scholarship makes for UIS students like Ahja.

    Scholarships: Affirming the aspirations, energy and diversity of UIS students

  • Facilities & Technology

    Innovate Springfield becomes part of UIS

    On August 28, Chancellor Koch announced that Innovate Springfield, a downtown Springfield innovation and business incubator, is now part of the University of Illinois Springfield under an agreement that aims at expanding economic growth, entrepreneurship opportunities and social progress in the capital city. Innovate Springfield becomes the first hub of the Illinois Innovation Network (IIN). This new initiative, led by the U of I System, was announced last fall. It seeks to accelerate statewide job creation and economic development through groundbreaking research and innovation.

    “As the first statewide hub of the new Illinois Innovation Network, UIS faculty, students and local companies will work side-by-side and with experts across the state to develop solutions, promote entrepreneurship and empower inventors of the future,” Koch said. “It’s an ideal combination for all entities involved in this partnership.”

    Facilities & Technology: Building tomorrow's University today

  • Academic Excellence

    Jeremy Hobson | Award-Winning Journalist at UIS     

    NPR Illinois will be hosting Jeremy Hobson, journalist and co-host of Here & Now, Jeremy Hobson in Springfield on Monday, September 10, 6 p.m. (find information to this free NPR Illinois event here). You are also welcome to attend a live broadcast of Here&Now at the NPR studios from 12 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11.

    Also on Tuesday, UIS communication and public affairs reporting students will have a chance to meet with Hobson, who will share insights with them from his wealth of experience in journalism, public affairs, and communication during a Q&A session. Opportunities like this, available because of community support for NPR Illinois, elevate the academic experience of students at UIS. Thank you to all NPR Illinois donors. You are welcome to join this session at the NPR studios at 1:30 p.m.

    Academic Excellence: Because learning empowers the future

  • Academic Excellence

    Taking on the Challenge of Cyber Security

    Justin Brown is majoring in Information Systems Security at UIS. This past summer, he interned at the Security Operations Center at Horace Mann. He helped to monitor, review and take action on abnormal web or email traffic that might be come through the network. He enjoyed the challenge of staying on top of new attacks and.

    Justin also appreciated the opportunity to apply what he had been learning at UIS. “The Horace Mann internship provided a lot of hands-on experience,” he says, “taking theories and practices I had been learning in my courses at UIS and applying them. UIS definitely sets up their students for success not only in their career path but life in general.”

    Read more about computer science at UIS

  • Facilities & Technology

    Student Union | Marissa Jones

    You may never have thought of the Student Union as a real-life lesson in environmental studies, but for Marissa Jones it has been exactly that. Marissa first became passionate about sustainability in a course taught by Dr. Megan Styles. After being appointed as the Campus Sustainability Projects Coordinator, Marissa was further excited to learn all the sustainable features included in the Student Union design—features that will qualify the Student Union for a LEED Gold Certification. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a rating system to evaluate and encourage sustainable design.

    “A LEED Gold Certification will not only save us money,” Marissa says, “but will also prove our motto of ‘Leadership lived’—this time through sustainable infrastructure!

    Learn more about the Student Union’s green features.

  • Academic Excellence

    Out of Her Comfort Zone
    A Guest Post

    Kayla Thomas, a senior English major, recently commented on her academic experience at UIS:

    "My classes have really made me think and grow as a person. This past semester, for example, I took a research course and connected "Sounds of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel, to a rap song called "Alright," by Kendrick Lamar. I also read Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, both of which I connected to my own life in ways I would not have thought possible. I was out of my comfort zone, which is never easy, but it has been so exceptionally rewarding as well. Thank you!"

    Your gifts to UIS, and especially to specific academic units like colleges or departments, allow UIS to continue reaching stellar in academic experiences for students.

    Academic Excellence: Because learning empowers the future

  • The Public Good

    Katie Brethorst | Dana Thomas House Volunteer

    Katie Brethorst, a history major from Carlyle, Illinois, loves telling stories. That love, coupled with her love of history, has led to a deeply satisfying role at the Dana Thomas House in Springfield. Katie first toured the house with her UIS Capital Scholars Honors class. She enjoyed the tour so much that she returned with her mother and boyfriend, which is when she discovered she could serve at the facility as a tour guide. She now volunteers three times a week, perfectly blending her love of storytelling and history: “I fell in love with the history and the house immediately.”

    Like so many UIS students and alumni, Katie is servingthe Public Good: Engagement. Collaboration. Impact. Because we are all part of this journey together.

  • Scholarships

    Sonia Hernandez | Driven to Succeed

    Sonia Hernandez’s parents came to the United States as immigrants, seeking acceptance and respect more than power and wealth. Sonia has seen them return home at the end of the day, worn out physically and emotionally from unfair treatment at work. The image of that weariness is driving Sonia. “My dream is to become an international human rights lawyer and advocate for those who feel like they can’t advocate for themselves,” she says. At UIS, Sonia is majoring in Legal Studies and Political Science, She says every year is a financial struggle, but the Lee Humphrey Dodd Memorial Scholarship has made her journey easier. “The day I cross the stage (at Commencement), I will have many people to thank. The Humphrey family will be among them.”

    Learn about how you can create a scholarship.